From a rockin party band to a major tribute show production.  The monkeys do it all —- the difference is they do it with class.

This 5 , 6 or sometimes7 piece out fit believes in taking that extra step to give the audience a carnival of music with multiple musical instruments and vocal performances second to none every time they play .

Imagine dancing at a regular gig  to “MUSTANG SALLY “, “LONG TRAIN RUNNING ” or “IT’S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP ” then cruising to “SWAY ” , “CAN’T HELP  FALLING IN  LOVE OR ” TAKE A WALK ON THE WIDE  SIDE ”
Then Elvis the king enters the building or Buddy holly, Jerry lee Lewis or Johnny cash take you on a journey back in time …or the blues brothers complete with full brass section rock out the familiar tunes,  all fully decked out with vocals, moves, and costumes.

Then imagine being taken on a journey as the songs come alive courtesy of some of the best and most highly regarded musicians in Australia  “ALL MASTERS OF THEIR ART ”  This is THE BRASS MONKEYSdale

EXPERIENCE this is when MONKEY MAGIC HAPPENS ( no backing tracks in this show ).

Authentic saxophone,( both alto and soprano ), flute, bass, mouth organ, delivered by Mr DALE LOCKLEY (on the right) revered by his peers as ” Mr music.

tonyAdd to that Mr TONY BROWN (on the left) on trumpet and it lifts to another level with a horn section for the Blues Brothers, Micheal Buble, Elvis, Stevie Wonder and many more.  He also plays bass, flute, trombone and the Flugelhorn just to add the brass factor to the Brass monkeys.

Mr ROSS ANDERSEN (on the right) undoubtedly One of the best  piano/keyboard players to ever light up the ivory he fills and riffs so brilliantly sometimes its even better then the original. His authentic intros and solos will leave you breathless.ross

 Mr Greg Frampton (left) is a wiz on the drums he is so in tune with what is going on with the 7, 8 or 9 sometimes even 10 instruments per song and plays like a man with a mission when the rhythm section locks in, look out they will take you on a ride of light and shade ending only when the ride is over. If the feel takes you to another solo or another verse Frampo is there always watching, feeling and leading the way.


The next member is a legend they say, that the most famous people only need one word name and his name is “FLOYD ” Ray Floyd – jones (on the right) to be exact this bloke is worthy of world class  status on the axe able to play any style the old way authentically, tastefully and sings the heck out of rock enough to send chills down your spine


Last but not least, BAZANOVA (below) the front man, the conductor the performer, the man who for the last 20 years has honed his art and made music his life  from humble beginnings performing at BBQ,s and parties to performing along side some of the greats.  He is a believer in giving it your all and giving the audience a show every time you take the stage no matter how big of small. He recreates the greats and is conscious of authentically moving, sounding and dressing like the artists, all of which is made more easy as he is a big fan if all of the artists they feature in the show.